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In 2005 Eric Brass, Nick Reid and James Sherry launched Tequila Tromba with Marco and Rodrigo Cedano. Like his own son, these young men embodied an energetic passion and the independent spirit not to be limited by rules and somebody else’s rules of doing things. They were going to disrupt the tequila world by bringing modern craft tequila to the world

It was a chance meeting in Mexico that brought three young men together. Over nights spent sipping tequila, a deep friendship was formed, along with a new found respect and appreciation for tequila. A pact was made to live lives pursuing their passions, doing the unexpected and rejecting the status quo. They found kindred spirits in Marco Cedano and son Rodrigo. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Blanco is tequila at its purest. Unaged, there is nowhere to hide imperfections or poor quality in a Blanco. Tromba is soft enough to drink neat, versatile enough for classic tequila cocktail; a bartender favorite to create innovative cocktail features.

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Tromba Reposado’s light golden color is the natural result of our ageing process. No caramel flavoring or recharged barrels are used to create the color and soft warm taste. Reposado is a favorite in Mexico, enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Increasingly used to put a twist on classic cocktails.

Tromba Añejo ages in barrels for 2 years. Tasted monthly, it gets bottled only when Master Distiller Marco Cedano and son Rodrigo agree it’s ready. Production efficiencies be damned, quality and superior taste is the only commitment that matters. A perfect choice for the fine tequila, scotch or bourbon lover.



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