Patient Wolf

Patient Wolf was born from a belief that well crafted
and considered things have no fear of time. Quality things. Original. Hand crafted. Defined. Measured. Made with equal parts expertise and attitude. It takes considerable effort to realise them, and it takes even more to critique and refine.
But they’re worth waiting for.

We believe in a new wave of unrestrained craft-led influence that respects tradition yet challenges the future. We didn’t want to lose the essence of a London Dry style, but we also wanted to create something new, fresh and exciting, and more importantly…. unique.

We spent years making, creating and refining our first gin. The result is a considered creation and one that is bold and complex, yet incredibly smooth and balanced.

Melbourne Dry Gin.jpg


Inspired by Summer, for drinking all year round. A lively gin bursting with lemon zest and delicate freshness.

Early Scottish settlers planted the Blackthorn bush, also known as Sloe. Fresh berries from Tasmania were sent to our distillery and steeped in our Melbourne Dry Gin, before lightly sweetening and releasing at 37% proof. A seasonal gin released every year.



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Blackthorn Gin.jpg