Nusa cana brings Indonesian rum back to the world, blending centuries old Indonesian heritage in a flavour-packed rum style we love.


It’s made like this. Molasses from local sugar cane and forest filtered water are fermented with red rice and distilled in old Chinese pot stills before finally ages in hardwood. It’s an island rum that stands out. Set apart by its rugged taste and straight up attitude.


To encourage your first taste of this forgotten past we blend our funky Indonesian heart with soft and smooth aged rums of the modern world. The rich, ripe and vibrant Indonesian top notes of fresh cane juice, spice and banana are now softened with hints of vanilla, dry wood and toasted fruit.


Like a true local, nusa cana blends in and mixes effortlessly without ever hiding it’s rue character. Smooth. Aroma filled tropical island rum. Respectful of ancient days. Created for modern nights.